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Hello! There have been so many new things going on at SJM Construction. A few things that have happened are; we moved to new location in Grimes, we hired a few new people, and we are always staying busy.

Yes, you read that right, we moved to a new location! It is, essentially, across the street from where we were located. It was a hard move but well worth it because we were starting to require more space. Expanding. One of the best things a small business can hope for. In case you are wondering yes, we were still working in the middle of moving. As you can imagine that is no easy thing to accomplish. Working in between two shops was taxing on our employees but they all knew we were in for a bigger, better shop. Only having a few casualties (jigs that got thrown away) while in the move is something that I think was pure luck.

Expanding in small businesses requires a lot of hard work and dedication. For a perfect example: the employer gets more jobs, so they hire more people so they can keep up with the job intake, then they get/need more working space. Having an imbalance on any part of that example leads to conflict, think about it, the employer gets more jobs but doesn’t hire more people to keep up with all the work. Those people get stressed and make little imperfections in their work, no good. Regardless to say, it can be a very precarious thing as a small business owner to start expanding. However, in a great turn of events SJM is continuing to grow and expand with as little hitches as possible!  We moved to a new bigger shop and have hired on a few new employees and have no shortage of jobs that we are taking on.



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