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Step 1 - Design Consultation

The first step is to gather enough information from you to be able to provide you with an estimated project cost. This step needs to be done at our showroom since we will need you to choose a door style, wood species and finish for each room of cabinetry. To do this, you may need to bring some sample items with you to the showroom such as your floor covering samples, back splash samples, countertop samples, paint color chips, etc. If you have not yet picked out some or all of these other items, that is fine; many people prefer to start with the cabinetry and pick all of these other items based on the cabinetry selections. If you have employed the services of an interior decorator or designer, you may want to bring your design professional with you to assist in these selections. We welcome the opportunity to work with your design professional and just ask that you notify us prior to the design consultation that your design professional will accompany you to this meeting.

During this meeting we will discuss your ideas of what you would like your cabinetry to look like and what features you would like to incorporate into the cabinetry. Typically we start with a set of architectural blueprints, so we will need you to bring a copy with you that you can leave with us. Ideally these plans will not have been reduced in any way, as that may distort the scale. If you are not working with an architect, or you do not have blueprints, or your project does not require blueprints, we simply ask that you provide us with a simple sketch. This sketch does not have to be perfect, so please don't be intimidated by it. We simply need enough information to determine the overall floor plan of the area and the location of any fixed objects like doors, windows, etc. Our primary objective in this meeting is to develop a good understanding of your design ideas and to answer any questions you might have concerning those ideas. If you prefer, we can also schedule a time for us to measure your space ahead of time.

It would also be very useful if there are budgetary requirements or constraints that you let us know those at this point in the process. There is no practical benefit in us designing a $30,000.00 kitchen for your project if your kitchen budget is $18,000.00. Once an estimated cabinetry budget has been established, we will assist you with your material and door style selections to fit within the budgetary constraints.

The design process is typically the longest phase. We will provide drawings to you via e-mail, fax or in person meetings at our showroom. This is the time to make any changes and ask any questions you have regarding the design. We will update the drawings and work with you until the design is perfect for your needs. Once the design is approved by you we will move forward to the estimating phase.

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